Austin Founder Lions Club

Weekly Luncheon & Program

  • 08 Jul 2010
  • 11:55 AM - 12:59 PM
  • Wells Fargo Building, 400 W. 15th Street, 3rd floor Auditorium


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Weekly Luncheon & Program

Your Healthy Heart
introduced by Lion Paul Spaar

Dr. Alice Prescott will speak about heart health, present some research about cholesterol, why and why not a statin drug, and give general advice on lifestyle and how it affects longevity.  She is trained and board-certified in family practice medicine, went to osteopathic medical school in Fort Worth, then residency in Colorado.  She just made the switch to integrative health late in 2009.

Dr. Prescott received her BA in Philosophy from the University of Washington in 1986.  Her interest in holistic health led her to meditation, yoga, massage, and cranial therapies; in 1991 she started her career as a massage therapist.  To further develop her cranial and clinical skills, she then attended the University of North Texas, Health Science Center and graduated with the DO degree in 2003.  Dr. Prescott then completed her residency in Family Practice, Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2006, and finished the Helms/UCLA Acupuncture for Physicians during her internship.

After residency, she spent several months at Native American Clinics practicing on the Hopi, Makah and Northern Cheyenne reservations.  She also spent a month at a Buddhist monastery in Japan, and went to Myanmar for a spiritual and medical mission. Recently she has worked in New Zealand and at the ARCH clinic for the homeless. This fall she left institutionalized, traditional medicine to pursue the integrative and functional approach full-time.

Dr. Prescott’s passion is for functional medicine….which is an holistic perspective of the whole person, including mental/attitudinal/spiritual aspects, as well as nutritional, structural, detoxification, hormonal, and neurotransmitter balance 

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