Austin Founder Lions Club

ADFLC Real Estate Historian & General All-Purpose LionFlunky

  • 27 Feb 2014
  • 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Wells Fargo Bldg, 400 W 15th St, 3rd floor


  • please note there will be a $5 fee for parking in the garage.

ADFLC Real Estate Historian &
General All-Purpose LionFlunky

aka Lion Tommy Cowan

as introduced and accompanied by Lion Terry Heller, Backwater Babe & Badfoot PianoPlunker

Ms Heller will thrill and excite the audience with her introductory spiel, nine-toe tap-dancing around the subject of PRE- MARTIN BOSS former DENS (of iniquities) Clubhouses -- about which she knows nothing -- will somehow gracefully yield the floor and ceiling and all the fleas in the carpet to Mr Cowan, who knows way too much and shouldn't tell half of it. 

FOR EXAMPLE, from an amazing mass of mostly forgotten factoids Mr Cowan will likely ask...who can ever forget the two years spent in the basement of the old convention center (affectionately called the Rathskeller - Rat killer to those arriving early.) or the 18 months enduring the lingering cow patty smell in the Quonset hut Austin Coliseum while choking down packaged take out food and waiting for the next gun show to start? And he will regale us with the height of our wandering career when the Downtown Lions enjoyed the construction dust of the Commodore Perry renovation that required hard hats and steel toed boots just to attend. Or possibly he will recall and recount scenes from the raucous three room meetings in the Raddison hotel bar... which lasted only nine months! 

Yes, Our Intrepid Instigator Cowan knows too well how lions club roots go deep into the heart of Austin, but indeed a good roto-rooter story or two can clean out all the leavings of the ghostly and ghastly sacred cows of our past dens… as we look forward to trekking up the hill and on to the next!! 

Factual information may accidentally find its way into the meeting, allowing you to more accurately make your way to 700 Dawson on the 6th of March. 

We Serve.

Lions Den

Featured Lunch Menu: Roast tenderloin of beef with Portobello mushroom, peas and carrots and scallop potatoes; mixed field green salad with assorted rolls and a featured daily dessert. Vegetarian meal or Grilled Chicken Caesar salad are available alternatives as well.

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We order meals based on your reservations and must pay for them even if you do not show up. Please keep this in mind if your plans shift and cancel your reservation so we can adjust the headcount.

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