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Brook Yates, Director of Ski for Light

  • 07 Apr 2011
  • 11:45 AM - 12:59 PM
  • Wells Fargo Building, 400 W. 15th Street, 3rd floor Auditorium


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Brook Yates, Director
Ski for Light

Introduction by Lion Patti Robinson

During this presentation you will learn about the world class volunteer based organization Ski For Light. Their mission is to enhance the quality of life and independence of visually or mobility-impaired adults through a program of cross-country skiing.

The presentation will include a short video, a brief talk, and a question and answer session in which you will learn how to get involved directly and make a difference in people’s lives.


Ski for Light, Inc. is an all-volunteer, non-profit, organization founded in 1975.

The goal of the organization is to teach blind, visually- and mobility-impaired adults how to cross-country ski, in an atmosphere that encourages participants to recognize that they can usually accomplish much more, both on the snow and back home in everyday life, than others may have told them was possible.

Each year Ski for Light, Inc. conducts a week-long event where blind and mobility-impaired adults are taught the basics of cross-country skiing. The event attracts upwards of 300 participants and guides. The location of the event changes from year to year in an effort to spread the Ski for Light philosophy and idea to as many parts of the country as possible.

Speaker's Bio:

From an early age, Brook has been drawn to empowering the lives of people with disabilities. One of Brook’s first professional contributions began when she was 19, when she took on the role as the Recreation Coordinator at Down Home Ranch, a camp for adults with developmental disabilities.

After competing her BS degree in 2003 from Texas State University, Brook followed her dreams and passion and headed to the magical mountains of the West. She landed in Breckenridge, Colorado, where she worked as an Outdoor Therapeutic Recreation Specialist.

In 2004, Brook volunteered as a ski instructor for people with disabilities, guiding blind skiers at the International Ski For Light event. At the completion of her first event she was hooked and has attended 7 International events, with plans for many more in the future.

Capping her formal education, Brook is within a month of completing her masters degree in Orientation and Mobility while working as an intern at the Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center for the Blind in Austin.

Brook currently serves on the Board for Ski For Light as a Director.

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