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The Mindset Revolution

  • 11 Dec 2014
  • 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM
  • 700 Dawson Rd, Austin TX, 78704


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The Mindset Revolution
How a Change in Mindset improves Happiness and Success
December 11, 2014
  Speaker: Lion Carl J. Mehlman
introduced by Lion Peter Beradino


What do the world’s happiest and most successful people have in common? After years of research, we finally know the answer. It’s not gender, race or where they live in the world. Not whether they come from a loving home or a wealthy family. Not how far and fast they advance in school. Not even the skill sets they acquire along the way. Those are only surface attributes. It turns out the game-changing commonalities of happiness and success are based on mindsets, and the way the most successful people think, not what or who they know.

Scott Shickler and his team spent three years researching, interviewing and studying thousands of success stories across the globe, and what emerged were 7 Mindsets that have literally changed the course of people’s lives. The most surprising finding? Most individuals are inadvertently living the counter-mindsets, the exact opposite path to happiness and success. In this presentation, Carl will
introduce the 7 Mindsets and share the considerable influence the program has had on people of all ages. He will discuss strategies for applying the 7 Mindsets - to create a mindset revolution - resulting in a positive, long-term impact on individuals and organizations all over the world. Carl’s presentations are engaging, inspiring and empowering through the use of impactful stories, videos and hands-on activities.

Speaker Biography: Carl J. Mehlman

After a stellar 30 year career leading start-ups and diverse businesses in generating revenue over $300 million , Carl Mehlman launched his second career, devoted to serving others. Carl chose 7 Mindsets as the foundation of his mission, to inspire individuals to lead happier and more successful lives. Carl is a sought-after speaker, social entrepreneur and advocate in serving the community at large.

Carl has mentored hundreds of individuals on business, management and leadership and is continuing this calling as a 7 Mindsets Ambassador & Certified Mentor - by empowering individuals to use their very own mindsets to lead lives of fulfillment. Carl founded The Firm, LLC in mid 2014 to assist clients with business & personal development and consulting. 7 Mindsets programs and products serve as a foundational tool in supporting clients, toward achieving their goals and life plans.

Carl was born in New York, grew up and led a wonderful life in California and now lives in the world class city of Austin, TX. In addition to his roles with 7 Mindsets and The Firm, Carl is a Senior Independent Business Associate with Legal Shield. Carl is a philanthropist, serving a number of Austin’s finest civic organizations. He jointly developed the C.E.O. Program (Community Employment Outreach) with Travis County Health & Human Services, a community based program, to mentor and coach previously  incarcerated individuals on becoming re-employed and contributing to their community. His most cherished hour is serving as a Leo Club Advisor at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

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